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Developing Future Leadership ©

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Education Advice Line - EAL

Welcome to an organisation that takes your success seriously. We use training, mentoring and assessment to support and develop your leadership skills in delivering standards of excellence in managing activities affecting your daily working lives.

We work with schools, colleges, academies, parents, universities, public & private sector organisations.
Our training programmes are suitable for all industries.


Governors, Headteachers, Directors, Leadership & Staff Training


Your Partner for Exclusions & Welfare Online Advice & Training with Partnership Agencies


A range of training programmes available to develop your leadership skills


We will deliver expertise to match the needs of individuals and organisations at a local and national level in order to enhance learning excellence and raise achievement. Our motto “developing future leadership” speak the language of every individual

who strives to raise their own standards and that of their organisation.

We will support each and every individual to attain their ultimate goal.