Appraisal & Performance Management  

Appraisal & Performance Management  

Everyone is a leader at their own level. Organisations and Leaders who value the quality of communication and personal development of staff also know how important this is when it comes to improving economic performance and employee retention. How staff feel about themselves and the organisation they work in very much depends on the way their needs are valued. They do not feel ignored, side-lined and unimportant.

Setting targets to meet employee needs and their personal development is key to managing performance both for the employee and the organisation.


Ignoring the skills required to achieve this may result in poor staff development and economic performance. The programme aims to raise organisational achievement, staff performance & interest and produce a positive climate for enhancing progress.

Target Audience 

  • Front Line Teams Leaders
  • Customer Services Team Leaders
  • Middle Managers – all sectors
  • Company Directors and Decision Makers
  • Education Leaders & Governors
  • Local Authority and Government Managers & Leaders

Contents & Structure

This is an intensive course designed to provide leaders with practical skills in managing staff performance and appraisal in order to raise standards across the organisation and improve / enhance staff performance

Candidates will conduct individual exercises to address several facets outlined below in order to meet these objectives

Core units

The need to review staff performance and preparation skills

  • Communication techniques and effectiveness
  • Managing complexity and conflict
  • Positive Management of criticism
  • Managing performance and maintaining organisational objectives
  • Handling Employee development and motivation


  • Develop leadership skills in communication
  • Handle the whole process form start to finish with confidence
  • Recognise the complexity in performance management
  • Increase the likelihood of retaining the right staff for the organisation
  • Improve employee and organisational performance

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