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We work with schools, colleges, academies, universities, public & private sector organisation.
Our training programmes are suitable for all industries.



Our Vision

To maximise the potential for every individual to develop successfully through integrated learning.

Our Mission

We will deliver expertise to match the needs of individuals and organisations at a local and national level in order to enhance learning excellence and raise achievement.

“Developing Future Leadership © ” & “Developing Education – Supporting Leadership © ” speak the language of every individual who strives to raise their own standards and that of their organisation. We will support each and every individual to attain their ultimate goal.

Our Team

Our team of qualified experts collectively command experience in management both in the public and private sectors. They will provide your organisation with needs specific training and advice according to our Code of Conduct. Consultants with a keen interest in supporting our professional client-base are encouraged to register their skills on our database using the Work with us link.


Ensure losses are minimised through a trained work-force at all levels of the organisation

Performance, productivity, efficiency and market reputation are lost through poor management, inefficient and inappropriate staff development and utilisation of core essential skills combined with inconsistent delivery. Many organisations and institutions end-up facing challenges from their competitors, stakeholders, customers and employees. You risk losing your credibility – the image which you worked so hard to build starts to bring diminishing returns which no money can repair. Reputable organisations ensure losses are minimised through a trained work-force at all levels of the organisation – they stay on top – they refresh, consult their work-force, remain professional with their client base and challenge performance without losing morale.


Programmes directly aimed at maximising organisational performance

Working in conjunction with your identified needs, we will train your team(s) with skills to manage and maintain your reputation and credibility as an employer, stakeholder and service provider. By developing your organisation’s essential core people management skills, we could save your organisation valuable time and money along with reducing potential challenge & potential litigation. Our expertly designed programmes will support you and your team(s) to utilise, our tried and tested skills building programmes directly aimed at maximising organisational performance.


Leaders recognise the right level of skills and knowledge are priceless

We are an organisation that values trust, honesty and mutual co-operation and take your success seriously. We believe strongly in supporting the recognition and delivery of excellent standards in the practical management of activities affecting your daily working lives. Training may initially appear to be an additional cost to your organisation, however, leaders recognise that both the short-term and long-term benefits of the right level of skills and knowledge are priceless.

Our Portfolio

Education Advice Line Ltd is an organisation based on trust, honesty and mutual co-operation. We concentrate our skills based training programmes based on best practice in the following areas:

  • Communication Skills Training
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Project Management Training
  • Appraisal & Performance Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Exclusion & Welfare Training

Do Step Inside:

Leaders who truly understand the importance of maintaining consistency and quality in their team work and ethics should:

1. Discuss the current area of work needing attention that could improve knowledge, practical skills and organisational effectiveness

2. They should also bear in mind that although training may appear to be an additional cost to the organisation, experienced leaders recognise that both the short – term and long term benefits of the right level of skills and knowledge are priceless. Decide when you would like to start. Our maximum length of training time depends on your needs. Some of our intense programmes may last for a period of three days or more. Subject to availability, you may choose to begin on our half-day programme and continue to select further units on demand.  We can provide individualised packages to suit your needs. Alternatively you may wish to purchase our programmes online.

3. Contact us – an online booking form is available when you are ready to make an application.

At Education Advice Line Ltd (EAL), we recognise the need to develop knowledge and improve skills to keep up with change. The aim of EAL is to promote work-force training by establishing high standards of performance and conduct by its consultants, promoting practical based knowledge and promoting practical skills. We are not a legal body. Our consultants will provide a needs based consultancy service to your organisation according to the requirements of the organisation and individual acumen.

Our Principles

At EAL our consultants will provide balanced, needs-based advice. They will maintain a high standard of personal conduct, exercise independence of thought and action whilst seeking to improve knowledge and skills in your organisation, required to manage individual professional performance.
In Practice
When seeking or accepting professional engagements, EAL and its members will seek or accept only those engagements for which s/he has suitable knowledge and experience. They will ensure that her/his resources are sufficient to carry out the assignment, define clearly, and confirm in writing, the terms and conditions of the assignment or service, including the scope, nature and period of the service to be provided, the allocation of responsibilities, the basis for remuneration, negotiate agreements and charges for professional services in an ethical way.

When undertaking a professional engagement, our consultants will safeguard the position of their client by regarding the client’s requirements and interests as paramount, subject to any overriding legal constraint or ethical consideration:
1. Sub-contracting work only with the prior agreement of EAL
2. Keep strictly confidential all information concerning the affairs of a client and EAL unless the client has released the information for public use or has given specific permission for its disclosure
3. Ensuring that, as appropriate, all programmes and advice have been discussed with the client and EAL in good time before they are finalised
4. Exercising good management through careful planning, regular progress reviews, and effective controls
5. Taking responsibility for the quality of any work undertaken by her/himself or any sub-contractors
6. Declaring any personal interest that may exist in any work
7. Discuss and agree with the client any significant changes in the objectives, scope or anticipated benefits of the assignment which might arise during its course.
During the course of an assignment/ project a consultant of EAL shall maintain their own professional independence by:

8. Avoiding any action which might be seen to compromise their integrity

9. Ensuring that advice and recommendations are based on impartial consideration of all pertinent facts, circumstances and opinions developed from reliable and relevant sources

10. Declaring at the first possible opportunity any personal, financial or business relationship or interest which might be thought to influence her/his judgement of objectivity, and withdrawing from any assignment when her/his judgement of objectivity is or might be compromised

11. Having a proper regard for the professional/legal obligations of those with whom (s)he is working

12. Initiating or accepting a joint assignment with another consultant only if s/he is satisfied that the assignment will be carried out in accordance with the principles of this Code

13. Acknowledging the source of any published or other research material used in her/his work.

During the course of an assignment or project a consultant of EAL:

14. Shall not accept inducements to show favour
15. Shall only recommend the need for additional consultancy if, following discussion of the options, the client considers that there are no effective alternative strategies to meet their needs
16. Shall not use without permission, copyright material or proprietary data or material, to which s/he is not entitled.
Our consultants undertake to take steps to maintain and enhance the quality of their work by ensuring:
17. Appropriate professional knowledge and the ability to make sound and independent judgements based on that knowledge
18. Appropriate strategies for ensuring her/his professional development and for keeping well informed of current issues
19. They have the specific skills needed for any assignment undertaken in the following areas:
providing initial advice to our service users
estimating the scale of a proposed assignment
planning and managing a project
data collection and analysis
designing and delivering training programmes
oral communication
report writing and other forms of written communication
20. Respond to any complaint from a client concerning compliance with this Code and co-operate with the company’s officer in charge in the investigation of any complaint made to the company.

We look forward to sharing Our Mission and working with you to develop increasingly informed team players at the heart of every successful organisation.

Scenarios  –  Schools & Academies

Pupil A is suspected of supplying a drug to other pupils on the school/academy site. The school’s/ academy’s own investigatory evidence suggested that pupils making the purchase from Pupil A had assumed they were buying a controlled drug. Pupil A in your school/academy is adamant he/she told all other pupils he/she was just selling smoking material, and all other pupils were aware of this fact when making the purchase from him/her. In order to monitor pupil, staff and visitor safety, the school/academy have several cameras in strategic places on site.

One such camera shows Pupil A taking something from another pupil and this was used in evidence. Statements were taken from other pupils with regard to their purchases. One pupil was adamant that camera evidence specifically located in the school corridor could be used to show that pupil A had given her an item – however that camera was not working on that particular day.

The Head teacher of the school / the Director of the academy needs to decide the correct level of sanction(s) to be applied and the possibility of presenting their findings to the school Governing Body / Discipline Committee. There are a number of questions which may require paramount attention – for example:

1. Should pupil A be permanently excluded ? (Needless to say, this decision will have a lasting effect on the future education and performance of the pupil at any stage of their education and the school are well aware of this. It will certainly have a significant impact for a pupil taking his/her examinations in Years 10 & 11).

2. Should he/she be subject to a different disciplinary action?

3. Should the police be involved? What, if any, will be the effect of a police investigation?

4. What level of scrutiny is appropriate during the disciplinary hearing?

5. What evidence should be presented to the Governing Body/ Discipline Committee?

6. What, if any, will be the reaction of the parent(s)/carer(s)/guardian(s)?

Schools & Academies are faced with similar challenges in the course of educating pupils in any one academic year. Education Advice Line Ltd (EAL) understand the complexity of such events and the impact it has on the pupils, families and schools in the course of maintaining discipline whilst raising standards. Our comprehensive training for Head teachers, Directors, Governors, Senior Leaders & Staff, offers everyone the opportunity to understand statutory guidance, review best practice in the field of Exclusions and Pupil Welfare and reflect on policy and procedure to ensure pupil safety and standards are maintained.

Alternatively, should you require advice on a particular case or incident, you may wish to join our membership scheme and benefit from our on-going subsides rates which offer expert and confidential advice and training. All you will need to do is assess your need, time-scale and cost and email us at and we will contact you in due course to discuss your options.

Parents – Scenarios 

My son has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and has a Statement of Needs supported by the Local Authority (LA) Special Needs Service. He attends his local mainstream school and has been doing well for a while. He is in Year 4 and loves maths and technology. He is our only child and I must say I tend to give him a lot of attention at home. He is not short of love and affection. We go out on day trips over the weekend and his father, who works away for long periods of time, will invite us over for a week at a time when he is offered vacation from work. It is difficult living apart but we have little choice, he has been posted abroad. My son adores his father but when he is about to leave he gets agitated and returned to school one day particularly defiant of his favourite class teacher. We go abroad twice a year and I feel it’s only natural we get together as a family – it’s the right thing to do and particularly beneficial for our son. I mean, he needs his father.

Today, the Head teacher wrote to me to explain he is quite worried that my son’s behaviour has been aggressive and he appears not to listen to instructions. On speaking to the SENCO at the school, I am surprised that he has been spending 4 hours a day, each day, outside the Head teacher’s office for the last month and I have not been informed. He has been doing some work but is falling behind in lessons. I requested a meeting with the Head teacher but he has asked me to liaise with the SENCO and cannot meet me for a face to face meeting. He has further explained that my son’s attendance is low (92%) and feels the need to involve the Welfare Officer. I mean, I feel lonely and frustrated, I have always followed school rules and feel I am a supportive parent. The Head teacher has always offered me to go abroad when I needed. What shall I say to the Welfare Officer? The Head teacher has written to me explaining that if my son’s behaviour does not improve, he will have little choice but to exclude him for a while.

I feel this is unfair and need help.

Education Advice Line (EAL) is a training provider. If you and other parents feel the need to know more and require support and training, you may apply to us directly using our application form or request your local Partnership organisation to offer our training to you, where one of our qualified staff will deliver the training. You will have an opportunity to discuss your concerns and understand statutory requirements to support your child.

Alternatively, you can always email us at EAL using our email address Please do not provide any personal information such as date of birth, names of pupils, addresses, name of the school or academy and we will return to you with advice appropriate to your concerns. We are not a legal body but rather offer advice and training based on best practice in order to find amicable solutions.

Strengthening Education – Supporting Leadership ©

Governors, Headteachers, Directors, Leadership & Staff Training

Join our annual membership scheme and benefit from subsidised rates on Governors, Directors, Senior Leadership & Staff training services. We offer competitive rates without compromising on standards. We offer face to face group training. Alternatively you can purchase online training on our website.

Our training & guidance is based on best practice, giving your organisation the confidence in dealing with complex areas of work on a daily basis. We take great pride in strengthening education through supporting leadership to make everyday a stress free day.

Our Training
  • Exclusions & Welfare
  • Attendance & Pastoral Management
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Communications Skills
  • Team Leadership
  • Appraisal & Perfomance Management

Online Advice for Exclusions & Welfare

Online Advice for Behaviour, Attendance, Exclusions & Welfare

We all want the best outcomes for our children when it comes to their education & achievement so they make a positive contribution for themselves & society. Despite best intentions, outcomes are not always as expected.

At we endeavor to provide you with impartial advice to support you through an exclusion. We will not ask for any personal information. You may wish to use a “cover” email to explain your concerns. We will respond by email and charge a small fee for doing this.

We will offer you a client ID for future reference should you wish to contact us again. We can advise on matters related to behavior, attendance & welfare, pastoral management, governors hearings and independent appeal panels.

We are not a legal body but rather offer advice & possible solutions on best practice. When we cannot help we will say so and if you require, may be able to refer you to someone who may be able to support your case.

Parents Form

Parents & Partnership Agencies - Your Partner for Exclusions & Welfare Training

We all want the best outcomes for our children when it comes to their education & achievement. Despite best intentions, outcomes are not always as expected.

At we endeavor to provide you with impartial training to support you through an exclusion. We will not ask for any personal information. We can train on matters related to behavior, attendance & welfare, pastoral management, governors hearings and expectations at independent appeal panels.

We are not a legal body but rather offer training & possible solutions based on best practice. Parents or partner agencies wishing to engage in training will need to complete our online booking form.

Our costs are reasonable without compromising on quality and standards. Partner agencies may wish to purchase our training online. Please keep in mind that Face to Face training has the added advantage of analyzing & evaluating complex issues & scenarios .


  • Exclusions
  • Attendance & Welfare
  • Governors hearings
  • Appeal hearings
  • Casework Management