Parents & Partnership Agencies

Parents & Partnership Agencies - Your Partner for Exclusions & Welfare Training

We all want the best outcomes for our children when it comes to their education & achievement. Despite best intentions, outcomes are not always as expected.

At we endeavor to provide you with impartial training to support you through an exclusion. We will not ask for any personal information. We can train on matters related to behavior, attendance & welfare, pastoral management, governors hearings and expectations at independent appeal panels.

We are not a legal body but rather offer training & possible solutions based on best practice. Parents or partner agencies wishing to engage in training will need to complete our online booking form.

Our costs are reasonable without compromising on quality and standards. Partner agencies may wish to purchase our training online. Please keep in mind that Face to Face training has the added advantage of analyzing & evaluating complex issues & scenarios .


  • Exclusions
  • Attendance & Welfare
  • Governors hearings
  • Appeal hearings
  • Casework Management