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Online Advice for Behaviour, Attendance, Exclusions & Welfare

We all want the best outcomes for our children when it comes to their education & achievement so they make a positive contribution for themselves & society. Despite best intentions, outcomes are not always as expected.

At we endeavor to provide you with impartial advice to support you through an exclusion. We will not ask for any personal information. You may wish to use a “cover” email to explain your concerns. We will respond by email and charge a small fee for doing this.

We will offer you a client ID for future reference should you wish to contact us again. We can advise on matters related to behavior, attendance & welfare, pastoral management, governors hearings and independent appeal panels.

We are not a legal body but rather offer advice & possible solutions on best practice. When we cannot help we will say so and if you require, may be able to refer you to someone who may be able to support your case.

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