Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training

Managing Communication and Performance 

Our organisation is professional, caring and diligent – our staff are assertive but polite. We do not need to know how to talk to others, we have hired staff with excellent inter-personal skills, it comes naturally within our organisation. However, stakeholders, staff, customers and clients may not always perceive you in the same way. This programme goes a step further in engaging staff, managers, leaders and decision makers in understanding both the silent and spoken language in order to improve communication leading to improvements in reliability, trust and overall performance.

Target Audience 

  • Fist Line Managers
  • Teams Leaders and Supervisors
  • Sales Teams
  • Customer Care
  • Coaches and Project managers
  • Directors & Managers in all commercial sectors
  • Staff in your organisation at all levels
  • Education Leaders, Directors, Governors and Staff
  • Local Authority and Government Staff, Managers & Leaders

Contents & Structure

  • Once again, this is an intensive course designed to provide all staff, leaders and decision makers with practical skills in managing themselves and others with respect to inter-personal skills with regard to managing effective communication – key to improved trust, transparency and performance.
  • The programme is divided into easy to understand modules with examples on how to improve communication skills, including being assertive whilst persuasive and professional,

Core units Summary

  • Improve and maintain outstanding Interpersonal skills
  • Accommodating different personalities
  • Body language and tone essentials
  • Essential listening skills
  • Understand the psychology of communication and
  • Managing conflict and complex situations using positive techniques


  • Develop leadership skills in communication
    Build your confidence
  • Recognise the complexity of communicating with different mind-sets
  • Improve employee and organisational performance
  • Improve team morale and performance


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