Project Management Training

Project Management Training

Achieving success through consistent planning

Target Audience

Designed to provide a practical understanding of planning, managing and delivering projects on time and within budget:

Learning Objectives
  • To gain an overview of practical project management pre-requisites
  • Understand competencies, roles and responsibilities of individuals
  • Dissect the importance of planning
  • Understand budget and human resource management
  • Awareness of communication
  • Understand time and conflict management
  • Effective problem solving


Course Content

  • Structure of project management
  • Role of the team and managers
  • Planning and setting milestones
  • Managing resources
  • Managing time
  • Managing conflict
  • Problem solving



  • Efficient use of time , valuable resources and effort
  • Deliver what you promise customers , effectively
  • Increase client and team confidence and reliability
  • Reduce waste and stress


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