Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment Strategy                              

The people you work with make up the culture and flavour of your organisation. Having skilled and motivated team players who are eager to advance your organisation is critical to ensuring the right success for your organisation.

This programme is aimed at training you to find and then keep the right staff and improve organisational effectiveness, something that must never be left to chance or intuition.

Target Audience

  • Front Line Teams
  • Customer Services Teams
  • Corporate Sector Business
  • Managers
  • Company Directors
  • Education Sector
  • Anyone with more than one staff in their organisation
  • Refreshers
  • Contents & Structure

The Course is designed to provide careful management of recruitment skills for your organisation
 Candidates will conduct individual exercises and share experiences in group work

Core units

  • Comprehensive structured process of recruitment and retention
  • Observation and analysis of best methods
  • Development of core recruitment, retention, interview and communication skills
  • Maintaining fairness , designing documents and induction


  • Develop skills in planning and management of recruitment and selection
  • Handle the whole process form start to finish with confidence
  • Recognise the various stages of recruitment and how they are applied
  • Increase the likelihood of retaining the right staff for the organisation
  • Improve newly recruited staff support and confidence in the organisation

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