School Scenarios

Scenarios  –  Schools & Academies

Pupil A is suspected of supplying a drug to other pupils on the school/academy site. The school’s/ academy’s own investigatory evidence suggested that pupils making the purchase from Pupil A had assumed they were buying a controlled drug. Pupil A in your school/academy is adamant he/she told all other pupils he/she was just selling smoking material, and all other pupils were aware of this fact when making the purchase from him/her. In order to monitor pupil, staff and visitor safety, the school/academy have several cameras in strategic places on site.

One such camera shows Pupil A taking something from another pupil and this was used in evidence. Statements were taken from other pupils with regard to their purchases. One pupil was adamant that camera evidence specifically located in the school corridor could be used to show that pupil A had given her an item – however that camera was not working on that particular day.

The Head teacher of the school / the Director of the academy needs to decide the correct level of sanction(s) to be applied and the possibility of presenting their findings to the school Governing Body / Discipline Committee. There are a number of questions which may require paramount attention – for example:

1. Should pupil A be permanently excluded ? (Needless to say, this decision will have a lasting effect on the future education and performance of the pupil at any stage of their education and the school are well aware of this. It will certainly have a significant impact for a pupil taking his/her examinations in Years 10 & 11).

2. Should he/she be subject to a different disciplinary action?

3. Should the police be involved? What, if any, will be the effect of a police investigation?

4. What level of scrutiny is appropriate during the disciplinary hearing?

5. What evidence should be presented to the Governing Body/ Discipline Committee?

6. What, if any, will be the reaction of the parent(s)/carer(s)/guardian(s)?

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