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Exclusions & Pupil Welfare Training


As schools we have an important role in providing the best possible education and life chances for our pupils. 

Our staff are committed individuals who understand the complexities of their roles and responsibilities in supporting and maximising the achievement and attainment of every child whilst upholding discipline and acting as role models for behaviour, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our school community.

Schools recognise that every child is unique and differences are celebrated along with maintaining equality and fairness. Education Advice Line Ltd (EAL) recognise that there are times when schools face challenges and difficult circumstances that require a confident and firm approach to maintaining reputation, good discipline and order both in  the class-room and  the whole school community.

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Services for Schools include training and advice with:

Exclusions and Pupil Welfare designed to provide a practical understanding of planning and delivering pastoral management, exclusion, policy objectives, the role of Governors and Senior Management Teams in monitoring pupil behaviour and discipline.


  • Managing Exclusions and the Statutory Process
  • Pupil Attendance & Welfare
  • Multiagency Working
  • Pastoral Management
  • Reintegration Planning
  • Data Management
  • Communication

Levels of Support:

  • Level 1 – Advice by telephone / email (one-off annual membership fee + subsidised rates)
  • Level 2 – Face to Face Training for Head teachers, Governors, Directors, Staff

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding  Exclusion & Welfare
  • Role of the head teacher
  • Governors in social inclusion
  • Planning effective pastoral management
  • Link with external agencies
  • Statutory requirements

Contact us

Email: help@educationadviceline.com outlining your concerns and the level of support you require and a member of staff will contact you shortly to discuss your case fully and provide you with an appropriate quotation.

Course Content

  • To gain an overview of  practical need for behaviour management
  • Understand  competencies, roles and responsibilities in exclusions
  • Understand important of pastoral management as a monitoring tool
  • Understand fairness and equality in managing exclusions
  • Awareness of communication
  • Understand  importance of fairness, equity as applied to balance of probabilities
  • Understand the policy framework


  • Efficient use of  time , valuable resources and effort
  • Deliver what you promise to parents, pupils and stakeholders effectively
  • Increase pupil, parent, staff and multi-agency confidence
  • Reduce the risk of litigation


We offer subsidised rates for our schools and academies.

Join our annual membership scheme and benefit from subsidised rates on Governors, Directors, Senior Leadership & Staff training services. We offer competitive rates without compromising on standards. We offer face to face group training. Alternatively you can purchase online training on our website. Our training & guidance is based on best practice, giving your organisation the confidence in dealing with complex areas of work on a daily basis. We take great pride in strengthening education through supporting leadership to make everyday a stress free day.