Who we are


We work with schools, colleges, academies, universities, public & private sector organisation.
Our training programmes are suitable for all industries.



Our Vision

To maximise the potential for every individual to develop successfully through integrated learning.

Our Mission

We will deliver expertise to match the needs of individuals and organisations at a local and national level in order to enhance learning excellence and raise achievement.

“Developing Future Leadership © ” & “Developing Education – Supporting Leadership © ” speak the language of every individual who strives to raise their own standards and that of their organisation. We will support each and every individual to attain their ultimate goal.

Our Team

Our team of qualified experts collectively command experience in management both in the public and private sectors. They will provide your organisation with needs specific training and advice according to our Code of Conduct. Consultants with a keen interest in supporting our professional client-base are encouraged to register their skills on our database using the Work with us link.


Ensure losses are minimised through a trained work-force at all levels of the organisation

Performance, productivity, efficiency and market reputation are lost through poor management, inefficient and inappropriate staff development and utilisation of core essential skills combined with inconsistent delivery. Many organisations and institutions end-up facing challenges from their competitors, stakeholders, customers and employees. You risk losing your credibility – the image which you worked so hard to build starts to bring diminishing returns which no money can repair. Reputable organisations ensure losses are minimised through a trained work-force at all levels of the organisation – they stay on top – they refresh, consult their work-force, remain professional with their client base and challenge performance without losing morale.


Programmes directly aimed at maximising organisational performance

Working in conjunction with your identified needs, we will train your team(s) with skills to manage and maintain your reputation and credibility as an employer, stakeholder and service provider. By developing your organisation’s essential core people management skills, we could save your organisation valuable time and money along with reducing potential challenge & potential litigation. Our expertly designed programmes will support you and your team(s) to utilise, our tried and tested skills building programmes directly aimed at maximising organisational performance.


Leaders recognise the right level of skills and knowledge are priceless

We are an organisation that values trust, honesty and mutual co-operation and take your success seriously. We believe strongly in supporting the recognition and delivery of excellent standards in the practical management of activities affecting your daily working lives. Training may initially appear to be an additional cost to your organisation, however, leaders recognise that both the short-term and long-term benefits of the right level of skills and knowledge are priceless.

Our Portfolio

Education Advice Line Ltd is an organisation based on trust, honesty and mutual co-operation. We concentrate our skills based training programmes based on best practice in the following areas:

  • Communication Skills Training
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Project Management Training
  • Appraisal & Performance Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Exclusion & Welfare Training

Do Step Inside:

Leaders who truly understand the importance of maintaining consistency and quality in their team work and ethics should:

1. Discuss the current area of work needing attention that could improve knowledge, practical skills and organisational effectiveness

2. They should also bear in mind that although training may appear to be an additional cost to the organisation, experienced leaders recognise that both the short – term and long term benefits of the right level of skills and knowledge are priceless. Decide when you would like to start. Our maximum length of training time depends on your needs. Some of our intense programmes may last for a period of three days or more. Subject to availability, you may choose to begin on our half-day programme and continue to select further units on demand.  We can provide individualised packages to suit your needs. Alternatively you may wish to purchase our programmes online.

3. Contact us – an online booking form is available when you are ready to make an application.